who you gonna call?

Here’s the thing. We’re just going to put it out there. We like to throw parties. A LOT. We take a lot of pride – while having a ton of fun – in listening to you to make sure you have the wedding/birthday/bash of your dreams, and then some. Cosmo Creations started with one guy and his love of tunes and has grown into a professional, modern business with people who just want to give you the best party possible. We can be silly, elegant, irreverent – you name it, you want it, and you’ve got it.

Except clowns. We don’t have any clowns, and we’re not apologizing for that.

The Team

Brent Cantrell

This guy is the brains behind the business. Brent’s laid-back style and savvy know-how make working with the team smooth and stress-free.

Josh Rose

Josh (located in Franklin, TN) loves to play the classics but is also an expert of the latest Top 40 and Electronica – your bash will rock.

Landon Ramsey

Landon's been a DJ for the past 7 years and loves to play the classic wedding hits!  He joined Cosmo Creations in 2014, we can't wait for you to meet him!

Melissa Cantrell

Sometimes a box of props can't cut it:  you need a creative pro!  Melissa's an effervescent force whose favorite part of working a wedding is giving the photo album to the bride at the end of the night.

Tracy Brooks

We help you make your event a party no one will forget, and a big part of that is our people!  Tracy is a fun chick who keeps up the momentum and keeps your guest happy.

Lindsey Byers

Need ideas for themes or fun faces in your photo booth?  Lindsey's fun, easy approach will have everyone from your new mother-in-law to your surly uncle grinning for the camera!